Attack Effects

Now some of you would ask me:- Why should I download your One Piece episodes? 
The answer to that is because I do the attack effects!

Here's what each person's move looks like

As you can see it is pretty similar to Kaizoku Fansubs.  It grows from small to big.  I added the "Gun" in at the end of Gatling.

The font is good not much effects I'm afraid.  I'm still a newbie so if anyone has a slashing code they want to give me please feel free =D

Nami's attack effects is simple it grows from the bottom.  The color is like lightning.  I would have added a few more effects but because I was still new to these text effects this was all I had XD

I have to admit I spent quite a lot of time on Usopp's attack effect!  It is a target that scrolls across and the font grows from small to big.  It's pretty awesome but takes ages to do!

This font is good but it hasn't got the accents and the effects isn't as great as Kaizoku Fansubs.  Once again if you know how to do good fonts then please email me!

Chopper's effect is my favorite!  I like the Sakura disappearing it truly suits him.  Some would say it's a bit feminine, but it's chopper =P

Robin's one is simple.  Only a flower font, she's not a fancy, over the top person so I think it suits her.  Any good flower karaoke please send this way!

Franky has a spinning star XD
That's all that needs to be said!

I like Brook's fro, it's too good even if I say so myself ;D  I've checked that his fro is like that, just certain angles make it look different!