Q: Why are you called Pie-Rot Fansubs? It's pretty lame!
A: It is a play on the word Pirate.  I took the Pie from Piece in One Piece

Q: Then why not call yourselves One Pie Fansubs?
A: How can we just have one pie? ~_~

Q: Why should I download your One Piece Episodes?
A: Because I do cool Attack Moves!  Go see for yourself!

Q: Can you encode {insert anime name here} anime? {insert fansub name here} did a poor job!
A: No because it takes a long time to find raws and translations.  It also takes a while to edit and encode!  You should be grateful with what is available!  Although from time to time when I can find the correct raws and translations I would consider editing or encoding depending on the situation.

Q: Can you upload all subtitles for {insert anime name here}?
A: I'm getting a bit sick of people asking me this and that and being pretty rude!  Not even a thanks or please.  So from now on I won't be uploading any subtitles, only encoded episodes will be up, take it or leave it.

Q: How comes you are doing Cooking Master Boy then?
A: I'm only doing CMB because they have good raws and translations.  It was just a matter of encoding, which doesn't take much time.  All credits go to Cooking Master Boy Translations.

Q: How comes you are doing One Piece, when there are so many good Fansubbers out there?
A: It is true that there are many good Fansubbers out there, but I try to make my episodes as close to Kaizoku Fansubs as possible.  Also there was a period of time where the episodes were of a poor quality and the attack moves had no graphic effects on the text.

Q: Can you produce torrents or upload to {insert hosting website here}?
A: No, because I have bad upload speed, donate some money and I might have enough to get better and faster broadband.

Q: Why are your releases so slow?
A: Hey hey, one a day keeps the haters away.  It will be done but slowly and surely.  Donate some money so I can get faster broadband for faster upload speeds.

Q: You have made a mistake in episode {insert episode here}.
A: Thank you! I am only one person so there are bound to be mistakes.  Please let me know by commenting on the posts so I can rectify the error.

Q: You haven't translated Den Den Mushi or {enter Japanese phrase here}.
A: I try to keep things that look better in Japanese, if that happens usually there's a translator note at the top saying what it means.

Q: Your Karaoke sucks!
A: Woah chill man, no haters! If you are like me who just skip the song when watching then what does it matter?

Q: I watch the karaoke for every episode.
-_-' Go away.  You would have wasted approximately 20 hours of your life watching all the karaoke for 500+ episodes.  Why do you hate yourself? No haters please.

Q: Hey that's stealing! You stole our translations and do not give us proper credit for them!
A: No haters please.  Stealing is such a strong word, the translations are available everywhere, come to me and I'll give you a few websites, you can bash at them. 

Q: How comes you have so much time to do this? What if you don't have time to do it anymore?
A: I'm currently looking for a new job and this is what I do in my spare time.  I love to edit so rest assured there's plenty more to go!  Feel free to contact me to offer me a job~ haha 

Q: I emailed you but received no reply!
A: I don't reply to haters, if you email me a nice one then I might email back! 

Q: I can be of some help
A: I would welcome you depending on what you can do! I really need people to do really good karaoke for me.  Please note junk mail will be deleted!  Email

Q: Why no haters?
A: Please take your negative thoughts away!  I give up my time to do this for free I don't want any haters! Haters move to the left!